Find Out Why We’re First in Strip Test Handlers

In a world that is increasingly dependent upon silicon chips, manufacturers face tremendous pressure to lower the cost of their products yet maintain the same high quality that customers have grown to expect. A key element in reducing product costs is the absolute need to drive down the cost of final test. While the silicon designers and the fabs have managed to reduce the costs of design and fabrication via the use of standards, the final test operation has not. Today, packaging and final test can easily account for more than 50% of a product’s total cost and that number is rising rapidly.

A typical production run may start out slow but quickly ramp up. For a short period of time it may make financial sense to use gravity feed machines but as production increases it becomes clear that MCT is the most economical option.

MCT recognized the ever-growing need to reduce the cost of test in the late 1990’s. That was when we introduced the industry’s first strip test handler based on vision technology for aligning the strip and the contactor. The benefits that this type of technology brought to the industry were nothing short of amazing: better tester utilization, higher first pass yields, higher parallelism, greatly reduced jam rates, quick kit changeover times and a dramatic reduction in the cost of final test.

The benefits were so dramatic that MCT elected to devote 100% of our efforts to the field of strip testing. We wanted our entire engineering focus to be on this emerging trend. Today, we market our 4th generation strip handler, a new film frame handler and a laser marker specifically designed for strip test applications. Strip testing solutions are our first and only business.

The results of our focus on strip testing speak for themselves. We have led the industry in breakthroughs to make the strip process easier, faster and less expensive. Achievements such as fully automatic vision alignment, full tri-temp operation, automatic contact cleaning, the ability to handle both magazines and cassettes in the same machine and the development of the industry-leading software, SmartTrak™, for electronic strip management have combined to make MCT the worldwide leader in strip testing. MCT has installed over four (4) times as many strip test handlers as our nearest competitor. With over 170 systems installed at the leading IDM’s and OSAT’s worldwide, MCT’s products set the standard by which others are judged.

We’re helping to reduce the cost of final test with innovative strip test products that are field proven for high volume manufacturing. And we’re helping our customers turn their final test operations into a more profitable operation.