Sustainability Statement

MCT performs its business for the prosperity of our stakeholders, customers, employees, and the communities and countries in which we conduct business. We do this while operating in a responsible manner, with attention to both the positive and negative impacts of our products and operations on the environment. MCT actively protects the environment through compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and its expectation that its suppliers also support these goals. In addition, we continue to improve the ways in which we conduct our operations to conserve resources, minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact. We are pleased to offer products that offer to a cost-conscious world and our customers the freedom to innovate for an energy-conscious world. We strive to work with suppliers and vendors that share our dedication to the environment and ethical business practices

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We work with suppliers that provide transparency of their world-wide impact on greenhouse gas emissions and we evaluate an assessment of our impact on climate change in our business decisions.

Sustainable Product Solutions

MCT hasproducts  that can help third parties reduce energy use and avoid emissions. We support microcontroller, mixed signal, MEMS and analog semiconductors that enable low power consumption.   Our products support customers with wired and  wireless  communications protocols and opportunities to continuously increase the intelligence and capability of smart technologies. This enables efficient and reduced use of energy, which is applicable in a broad spectrum of consumer electronics from home appliances to the energy grid

MCT supports its customer’s goals in creating end user products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and works closely with its suppliers to insure they have adopted similar policies. .