Increase tester utilization by 5%-15%. Saves money! Allows you to buy fewer testers!

Improve first pass yields by 2% - 4%. Yield is money in high volume manufacturing. Better contacting dramatically increases first pass yields.

Packaging & Test can easily account for 50% of the total product cost and that number is growing! The SH-5000 can help you lower the cost of test dramatically.

Change from running SOIC’s to running QFN’s on the same handler in under 15 minutes. The SH-5000 is truly a universal handler. You can process a wide variety of different package types on one handler, saving valuable space on your test floor.

“One Touch” local language capability. Makes it easy for operators in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and anywhere else where English is not the language of choice. Switch between different languages on all menus and screen graphics with just one touch and without pausing the machine.

Testing products in strip form instead of a singulated form makes the problem of handling small parts a thing of the past.

The SH-5000 has been interfaced to virtually every tester in the industry. No one has more experience interfacing to your tester than MCT.

The SH-5000 Strip Test Handler
Proven performance in high volume manufacturing

The MCT SH-5000 is our 4th generation strip test handler. It provides dramatically improved performance and greater flexibility at a lower cost than previous models. It is a field proven machine, with over 170 in use in high volume manufacturing applications worldwide.

The SH-5000 is a universal machine that can handle virtually any type of semiconductor device package in lead frame, strip or panel format; including SO, TSSOP, PDIP, QFP, TQFP, CSP, BGA, QFN and DFN to name only a few. It supports single to massively parallel site testing and provides the best throughput in the industry!

The SH-5000 is a full tri-temp capable handler that can operate from -55°C to +160°C. The standard configuration provides ambient and hot testing. Cold testing can be accomplished by simply attaching our optional external chiller. No modifications to the handler are required. And best of all, for cold testing, the SH-5000 utilizes a closed circulation chiller that uses a refrigerant, so no troublesome LN2 is ever required. Our innovative conduction heat transfer system eliminates the need for expensive pre-soak chambers and brings parts to the desired set temperature 8X to 10X faster than competitive systems that use convection heat transfer. The result…you are almost never soak limited with the SH-5000!

The SH-5000 has all of the options you would expect from the world’s leading strip test handler; automatic contact cleaning, full ESD protection, stacked and/or slotted magazines plus the industry’s leading software for electronic strip map management and data analysis.

It all adds up to make the SH-5000 the industry standard for strip test applications. Now you can lower your cost of final test by 50% or more and help guarantee that your test operation stays solidily in the black!

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