MCT is passionate about making a positive difference in the world by helping our customers achieve their goals. Whether enabling our wide range of customers and partners to reduce coolant consumption, lower energy consumption or improve operating efficiency, our vision is to enable our customers the freedom to innovate for today and tomorrow by being the very best IC test handler and inspection company we can be.

At MCT, we enable

  • Tri-temperature testing of IC devices
  • Environmental testing of application specific devices

MCT understands semiconductor device manufactures and packaging/test companies are being challenged in ways never imagined to create products with greater functionality, higher performance and lower cost. People in every part of the world want to reduce their personal impact on the environment and the people around them while demanding the ability to quickly communicate access information, secure data and be engaged by their electronic equipment. As a result, customers around the globe turn to MCT. We are a leader in the test handling and inspection of a broad variety of IC devices. Customers know they can count on MCT to continue to drive breakthroughs with our global engineering and applications team and to invest in technologies that will meet their needs today and tomorrow.