BECCI uses the FH-1200 Film Frame Handler to offer industry leading throughput with their QM1000™ Quad-Site Tester

BECCI (Best Electronics and Components Co. Inc.) recently introduced the QM1000™ quad-site tester, ideal for specialty testing of MOSFETs and other analog and mixed-signal devices. Designed to mate with and expand the capabilities of the LTX-Credence ASL-1000, the QM1000™ is also compatible with the MCT FH-1200 Film Frame Handler to provide high throughput, low cost characterization with full data capture. The ease of full range of testing with full data capture increases test quality and confidence in the device while driving down test cost through increased yield.

Features of the QM1000™include:

Single Insertion Testing - The QM1000™, a fully integrated instrument, can perform in one insertion DC as well as specialty AC tests, including gate charge (QG), gate resistance (RG), gate capacitance (CG), and avalanche characterization (UIL/UIS), dramatically reducing the time of test while ensuring the quality of the product.

Quad-Site Testing - The QM1000™ has been designed to make 4 tests in parallel, achieving the throughput on a single instrument that would have previously required at least 4 times the capital expen- diture on ASL-1000 testers and specialty test equipment.

The figure below (supplied by BECCI) shows a comparison of units per hour (UPH) for the QM1000™ versus more traditional testing approaches. The QM1000™, working with the MCT FH-1200 Film Frame Handler, offers tremendous increases in throughput which would otherwise require burdensome capital expenditures with 4 or more testers operating in parallel.