2D codes marked on the lead frame provide each strip with a specific and unique identifier. This helps insure high overall process quality by eliminating the chance that strips will be marked incorrectly.

The MH-3000 also performs final package mark, along with the optional ability to inspect for the correct position of the mark.

The MH-3000 offers a variety of camera options to insure the overall quality of the marking process. These are in addition to the standard single fixed postion camera that is used to check for strip orientation.
  1. A fixed position input (uplook or downlook) camera to check the 2DID. For those cases where the 2DID has been previously marked.
  2. A fixed position output (uplook or downlook) camera to check the 2DID. For those cases where the user wishes to verify that the 2DID code was written correctly.
  3. A high accuracy vision mark alignment camera to check the alignment of the mark.
  4. A high accuracy camera for checking full mark quality.

The MH-3000 Laser Mark Handler
Highest marks for speed, capacity, flexibility, modularity

The MCT MH-3000 Laser Mark Handler was designed specifically for strip test applications to mark both 2DID’s on lead frames and final mark on individual packages. It offers un-paralleled throughput performance and the best cost-of-ownership in the industry.

The MH-3000 works with intelligent lasers from Rofin-Sinar, EO Technics, Trumpf and others and can mark up to 1000 characters per second depending upon the laser that is chosen.

The MH-3000’s fast index times mean very high throughput. Combining this with a small footprint, quick kit changeover times for moving from one type of lead frame to another and virtually jam-free operation means that MH-3000 offers increased capacity and reduces the number of systems and operators needed for the laser marking operation.

The system modularity of the MH allows a user to configure the system to his exact requirements and buy only what is needed. Options include stacked magazine or slotted cassette inputs, uplook and downlook cameras for reading 2DID’s or verifying that 2DID’s are marked correctly, cameras for verifying final mark presence or absence and additional options for verifying final mark quality.

And finally, the MH-3000 works seamlessly with the SH-5000 and the FH-1200 to offer a complete marking solution for a strip test line.

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