The FH-1200 excels at testing small, saw singulated packages on film frame.

Packaging & Test can easily account for 50% of the total product cost and that number is growing. FH-1200 can help you lower the cost of test dramatically.

The FH-1200 supports both 200mm and 300mm wafer rings both standard and custom designs. This gives flexibility to minimize the use of tape and to maximize the number of strips that can be mounted on a particular frame.

The FH-1200 utilizes a unique test chuck made of porous aluminum that holds the film frame firmly in place and does it without using vacuum rings or other reliefs that can spell trouble when testing small parts. Other handlers use plain aluminum test chucks that must incorporate vacuum rings in order to pull a vacuum.

The FH-1200 Film Frame Handler
Slashes Cost of Test for small, saw singulated packages

The MCT FH-1200 Film Frame Handler is designed to dramatically reduce the cost of test for QFN, WLCSP and eWLB packages that must be tested after the saw singulation process. Based on the field proven design of the SH-5000, the FH-1200 can handle both 200mm and 300mm wafer rings for testing devices in a massively parallel format at ambient temperature.

Strips or panels are mounted on sticky tape on either a 200mm or 300mm wafer ring. Parts are then saw singulated to achieve electrical isolation. With the parts still on tape, the FH-1200 handles the wafer rings and presents the devices to the tester for massively parallel testing.

The FH-1200 is particularly well suited for the testing of small parts, typically those devices that are under 3mm x 3mm, although there is no upward size limitation. The FH-1200 employs fully automatic vision alignment and has successfully handled parts as small as 0.3mm x 0.6mm without difficulty.

The FH-1200 employs sophisticated algorithms to help compensate for tape distortion effects due to the sawing process. This allows the FH-1200 to test very high numbers of parts in parallel as opposed to competitive handlers that are typically limited to 16-up testing. The FH-1200 successfully runs parallelism of over 100X on devices under 3mm x 3mm in a high volume manufacturing environment.

Options such as automatic contact cleaning and full ESD protection combined with the industry’s leading software for electronic strip map management combine to make the FH-1200 the industry’s choice for film frame handling.

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