MCT is committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance through a proactive approach that integrates environmental protection with business goals.
MCT utilizes the concept of "Conservation"& to concentrate resources and focus on environmental aspects that will most improve our business and meet the expectations of our customers and the community. Our business practices include an evaluation of the environmental impacts of the manufacturing processes and site activities and, where applicable, developing and implementing a plan for minimizing these impacts. Management regularly tracks its progress and reviews its overall environmental performance.

Environment is our commitment. We are committed to complying with best environmental practices, meeting legal requirements, continuously improving our environmental management system, and minimizing pollution.

Safety is never compromised. A safe and healthy environment is vital to the attainment of MCT's success and no undertaking should be considered so important that it be pursued in an unsafe manner. MCT recognizes that safety is an essential component of all its activities. The company prioritizes safety in its activities to prevent all foreseeable risks.


  • Corporate Environmental, Safety and Health Policy (in process)

Our environmental focus extends to our Products; use of Natural Resources; and Waste Management in order to build a sustainable place to work, live and play.