Overview - Corporate Responsibility

MCT Worldwide is a company that places relationships and trust above all else. We operate with a focus on our customers, employees and communities with a vision of being technology driven, guided by Integrity in order to help our customers achieve their goals.
We adhere to the following principles

  • Customers and solving their problems are our primary business objective
  • Quality in all the things we do
  • Employees are our most important asset
  • Products and technology are our foundation
  • Safety is never compromised
  • Profits and growth provide for everything we do
  • Communication is vital
  • Suppliers, representatives and distributors are our partners
  • Professional ethics are practiced in every phase of our business

These values, supplemented by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other company policies and charters, dictate our day-to-day decisions and establish our corporate culture. Each has its place in making MCT a company you can be proud to choose, whether as a supplier, an employee, an investor or a contributing business partner in your community.

John Moon
President and Chief Executive Officer

MCT Corporate Responsibility Summary

We receive many inquiries regarding corporate responsibility. We appreciate these requests and the interest taken in MCT. Our Corporate Responsibility Summary offers an efficient overview that covers:

  • Mission Statement
  • Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Anti-Bribery
  • Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct
  • Environmental/Safety Certifications
  • Quality and Reliability
  • MCT Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
  • Sustainability
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

MCT is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and we believe in complying with applicable laws, in addition to our culture, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, systems, certifications, reporting, and sustainability management illustrate that commitment.

MCT supports human rights and social responsibility.. The United Nations Global Compact charter includes specific labor standards related to freely chosen employment, child labor avoidance, working hours, wages, benefits, and humane treatment. The ten principles of the UN Global Compact can be reviewed at www.unglobalcompact.org. MCT has incorporated many of these principals into its own Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Compliance with Laws, and other policies.

MCT Worldwide Corporate Ethics Summery.