About MCT Worldwide, LLC

MCT Worldwide LLC,  (MCT) designs, manufactures, markets, services and distributes strip test handlers, film frame handlers, and strip laser markers for the semiconductor industry.   In a world increasingly dependent on semiconductors, MCT Worldwide brings solutions that enable the industry to drive down the cost of testing IC’s.  MCT’s products enable manufacturers to reliably and accurately test semiconductor devices, even as they become smaller and more complex. 

Founded in 1972, MCT has one of the industry’s largest installed base of IC test equipment with over 12,000 handlers and testers installed worldwide.  In 1999, the company ceased the manufacture of gravity handlers and testers and devoted itself exclusively to the design, development, sales and support of strip handlers.  Today, MCT is 100% focused on the strip test market and has the industry’s most complete selection of tools for this fast growing market segment.

MCT is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)  and supports its extensive customer base with worldwide sales and service offices in the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe.   Manufacturing and engineering operations are located almost exclusively in Penang, Malaysia, with some software and service support personnel in Manila and Bangkok.

Beginning in 1999, MCT began its complete focus on strip testing solutions.  Tapestry®, MCT’s industry leading strip-based test system, was the first step in February, 1999. Tapestry combined strip-based handling with robotics, machine vision technology and advanced software controls to enable the testing and tracking of individual semiconductor devices within the assembly strip format.  MCT pioneered the use of automatic vision alignment between the connector and the strip under test with the Tapestry system. MCT’s SH-5000 Strip Test Handler is a 4th generation product and the industry leader in installations.

In June 1999, the second step of the new strategy was the acquisition of the Infinity Systems division of Fico.  Infinity Systems experience in advanced factory control software and in automated equipment led to the development of MCT’s SmartTrak™ software in  May 2000. SmartTrak™  offered the industry’s first software solution designed from the ground up to support utilization of 2D symbology and electronic strip mapping to intelligently process devices in strip form.   Today, SmartTrak™ leads the industry in electronic strip map management and analysis of data from the strip map process.

In 2011, MCT remains the only company that is focused exclusively on strip test products.  This focus on strip test was driven by MCT’s understanding that one of the most demanding challenges of the semiconductor industry is to reduce the cost of test.  The cost of packaging and test now accounts for, in general, approximately 50% of the total product cost and this figure is projected to grow to almost 75% within the next few years.  Reducing the cost of test is “mission critical” to IDM’s and OSAT subcontractors in their efforts to improve margins and remain competitive in their test operations.